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🐬 Dolphin therapy for Luca

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A very touching letter....

wrote to us from the Schindler family from Straubing in Bavaria. Your little Luca - 6 years old was born with a lot of health impairments and urgently needs another 🐬 dolphin therapy, which has already made a lot of progress possible for him. In addition to donations in kind for a raffle, we simply wanted to do more! It is very important to us to help the brave Luca and his family to make this expensive therapy come true.

You can help too!
With every order of €50 or more, you can purchase the FOXBOXX 0.5l Luxury thermos bottle for a DONATION PRICE of €6 (instead of €30.98). All proceeds benefit little Luca. If you would like to help little Luca, you can also help under "🐬 Dolphins for Luca " (in the checkout)! THANKS!

We wish you a peaceful 🎄 pre-Christmas period and thank you very much on behalf of Luca and his family ❤️ for your help!

Your 🦊 FOBOXXX team

Luca's letter to FOXBOXX

Dear FoxBoxx team,

My name is Luca-Emilio and I was born on February 25th, 2016 with a heterozygote sequence change ERF-GEN, as well as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and Chiari-l malformation.... All of this doesn't mean much to me, but I'm 6 years young now, have had care level 4 since June 2021 and have had quite a few head surgeries. During one of these surgeries I got a shunt that regulates the pressure in my head. But since I was still very young, complications arose during this operation. These complications probably led to mental and motor development disorders. There are days when I feel very good, but also days when I feel very bad. Unfortunately I can't tell anyone because of my limitations. My therapists then told my mum and dad about the dolphins .... what they could do and that they would significantly improve my quality of life. I was able to start the trip to the dolphins in 2021 and the therapy was very successful. A lot of time has now passed and I currently need follow-up therapy. Unfortunately, the health insurance companies don't pay anything and now you come into play ... please help me and my parents that I can go to the dolphins ... I am grateful for every donation in kind and every cent you donate to me.

Thank you Luca

How you can help:

the 0.5l Luxury for € 6,-

Put the FOXBOXX bottle 0.5 Luxury into the shopping cart with your order from €50 and enter the discount code " LUCA " at checkout.

You get the bottle for around €6 instead of €30.98 , which goes to Luca.

You can also donate in the checkout under " Dolphin for Luca " or increase the donation amount. Every cent counts! THANKS!

with code "LUCA" Help


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