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Charity program


... to carry our joy in the great products out into the world a little, we would like to give a little back with your help...
and besides and PLASTICBANK we always have small charity projects.
We want us to get back to a holistic view of things, where raw materials are used to the end, parts are made in a way that lasts with little to throw away, and:
That everyone helps the other a little, therefore:
THANK YOU dear FOXBOXX he out there!
You all share our understanding of a better world!
Here are a few excerpts:

part of the proceeds will benefit , because the oceans really need a rest - especially from plastic and fishing...
FOXBOXX therefore no longer transports by ship, but via the new Silk Road.

🇺🇦 UKRAINE Help 🇺🇦

We have a "UKRAINE-HILFE" project and have given away the B-ware for a donation.
The amount was increased by us and passed on to the aid.
Special thanks to Georg from BIO-HOF Thoman! 🧑‍🌾 Here --->
and dr Caroline Black 👩🏻‍⚕️ , with your help we were able to realize this small project! 🦊
Ukraine Help farmer's stand Tham BIOHOF in 9812 Pusarnitz
Many thanks to all supporters!
The entire amount has already gone to Dr. Karoline Schwarz (general practitioner Obervellach),
who has agreed to get important relief supplies with doctor colleagues from KH Spittal and
bring directly to Ukraine! Thanks a lot for this!

Your donations went e.g.:
  • dressing material of any kind
  • Fixation and bandage splints for limbs
  • Painkiller
  • Suture material, transfusion systems
  • disinfectant
  • Medical gloves
  • antibiotics
  • Haemostatics……etc.


Marine protection with the Plastic Bank...

More than 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year - one dump truck every minute. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Especially in developing countries, huge amounts of plastic waste are created by packaging and a lack of infrastructure to dispose of waste. This garbage accumulates on land and quickly reaches the sea via rivers and wind.

Money for plastic - that's the approach of this project to prevent that. In Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines, garbage collectors can earn their income this way.

Everyone can collect plastic waste there and exchange it for money, food, drinking water, mobile phone credit, cooking oil or even school fees at the local Plastic Bank collection points.

The exchange value is higher than the actual market value of the plastic, so local people can really make a living from it.

This project prevents plastic from entering the sea in the first place.
It is recycled and processed into so-called social plastic,
which becomes new products again in the cycle.

More information here: PLASTIC BANK-->

climate pledge friendly


  1. Determination of the CO 2 emissions
    We recorded the CO 2 emissions of the FOXBOXX together with ClimatePartner and created the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) : we looked at the raw materials, logistics, packaging and disposal according to the usual cradle-to-gate plus end-of-life approach .
  1. Avoid and Reduce
    Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce these CO 2 emissions. [Energy-saving transport routes, use of green electricity, uncompromising use of materials without plastic and additives) We update the PCF regularly and thus have an overview of the success of our measures. 
  1. Compensation of CO 2 emissions
    We offset all unavoidable CO 2 emissions by supporting a climate protection project. Climate protection projects save CO 2 - for example with reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies with climate-friendly alternatives.

carbon neutral



Since interest was greater than expected, "FOX 4 kids" has been suspended until further notice.
In the " FOX 4 KIDS " program we give away products with minor transport damage
or scratches or small dents in kindergartens, schools and other facilities.
With the logisticians, these are destroyed by default because they can no longer be sold ...
We find this outrageous and therefore have everything sent to the office in Austria!
These are then given away or donated to another good cause.

the FOXBOXX team


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