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Suitable for school, daycare or kindergarten - the perfect companion for the break time

The break time in school, daycare or kindergarten is a welcome change from lessons for children. A well-stocked lunch box and drinking bottle are essential to ensure that this time is an enjoyable and healthy experience. Stainless steel products such as leak-proof stainless steel lunch boxes and stainless steel drinking bottles are the perfect companions for the break time. In this article you will find out why stainless steel products are the ideal choice for school, daycare or kindergarten and how they contribute to an enjoyable break experience.

The importance of proper nutrition during break time

The break time is an opportunity for children to recharge their batteries and strengthen themselves with tasty snacks and drinks. A balanced and healthy diet is crucial for the concentration and performance of the children in the classroom. With a well-equipped lunch box and drinking bottle, parents can ensure that their children enjoy healthy and varied snacks during breaks.

Leak-proof lunch boxes for worry-free enjoyment

A leak-proof stainless steel lunch box is a safe and practical solution in the school bag for snacks and meals. Stainless steel lunch boxes are particularly robust and ensure that the snacks are securely packed and do not leak. As a result, satchels and children's bags stay clean and the enjoyment of the break catering is undisturbed.

Stainless steel drinking bottles - always hygienic / clean drinking water / fine tea

A stainless steel drinking bottle is the ideal way to always have fresh and clean drinking water at hand. Unlike plastic bottles, which can become unsanitary over time, stainless steel maintains its sanitary condition and prevents bacteria from multiplying. This allows children to enjoy their favorite healthy drink anytime, anywhere.

Sustainable and eco-friendly solution

Stainless steel products are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic. Compared to plastic cans or disposable bottles, stainless steel lunch boxes and drinking bottles are durable and reusable. As a result, less waste is produced and the environmental impact is reduced.


The right food during the break time is of great importance for the well-being and the performance of the children. With the leak-proof stainless steel lunch box and stainless steel drinking bottle, parents are well prepared for their children's breaks. Stainless steel products not only offer a hygienic and safe solution, but also help reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. Choose stainless steel - the perfect companion for your children's breaks in school, daycare or kindergarten.


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