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about Us...

the FOXBOXX story

" The clever FOXBOXX " was created when our children's probably 15th plastic lunch box was broken again and always caused a bad conscience:

  • Is the plastic really harmless to health?
  • is this hygienic
  • Does the plastic end up in the sea or in landfill?

That's why we were looking for an ecological solution and found it on the market in stainless steel lunch boxes. But:
Many were not tight, others were of poor quality or the children could hardly close them and much more... So we developed the product we wanted:

The clever FOXBOXX. The non-disposable lunch box

The best quality stainless steel lunch box for children - incredibly robust and light - with a built-in charity function (more about charity & help ->) - that's how it should be! A portion of the proceeds is earmarked for cleaning up the oceans.

The FOXBOXX opens and closes super easily, as we have optimized the DualCham 2-chamber seal in combination with the SmartClips so that even 2-year-olds can easily handle it.

There are also many innovative solutions:
Instead of varnishes for color etc., we have 5 colored deco tapes made of BIO silicone, several flexible separators, the seals have their own color depending on their size so that they can be assigned more easily and much more.

FOXBOXX wants to be premium in terms of service and solidity, which is why we spend more in the manufacturing process, put a lot of effort into great support (4.9 out of 5 stars!), 3-year guarantee and 90-day complete replacements. A range of spare parts is maintained in the shop for long-term use.

Of course, the bread box also includes a bottle, this is designed as a vacuum flask with tea strainer, suitably also holistically designed with 5 seals, brush, carabiner, etc. - Out of love for the future - Foxboxx is different, I think a little better in every detail!

Why the brand name FOXBOXX ?

Foxes are considered smart - just like you, because you've already read the text up to here 😜 and because our products are innovative and long-term. "Cheap" purchases from discounters are usually more expensive - for you and for the environment... if you understand that, you simply buy the better product right away!

Welcome to 🦊 FOXBOXX !

I hope we can please your 🧡 heart with the products as much as that of our own children 😉 We have put a lot of time into the development and we are still trying to get better!

  • Can we help you decide?
  • Do you have suggestions and ideas or do you need us in any way?

Get in touch with us, we are (almost) always there for you!

Warmest regards from beautiful Carinthia,

Andreas, Alexandra & Emma


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