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What materials are the FOXBOXX and the bottle made of?

The brand has "ecology" and "children" as its core theme, so all products are made of pure

Made of 18/8 stainless steel and have BIO silicone seals and straps. The bottle has a copper coating on the inner bottle and a wooden lid.

This has the disadvantage that the silicone completely without additives (unlike sanitary silicone, for example) molds more easily if the seals, for example. are in constant moisture.

That's why you shouldn't always wash the seal in the dishwasher, but remove it beforehand and only then put it back in. No BPA, no phthalates etc., that was extremely important to me!

The steel used is a homogeneous metallic combination of two materials. In order to give a metal its desired properties, chromium and nickel are added to the iron during the production of stainless steel. The material is therefore food-neutral, rust-free and durable.

With the material 18/8 (ASIN 304), 18% chromium and at least 8% nickel are added to the steel.

Unpainted 18/8 stainless steel products can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Any water or grease stains can be easily removed with hot water and vinegar.

With a microfiber cloth, the stainless steel can easily be polished to a shine again.

Of course, what we also really like about this material, in addition to its longevity, is the 🌱 recyclability 🌱 of the material.

Where are the FOXBOXX and the bottle produced?

Well, originally I thought we could produce in Europe....

India would also have been an option, but the quality of stainless steel products is not given in either Europe or India. In India, quality and delivery times vary so much, even with one and the same production company, that people are happy to avoid them!!

Unfortunately, Europe no longer has its own production (!!!! unbelievable, isn't it?) and everything is outsourced to Asia, which I think is a shame.

The 🦊 FOXBOXX is now produced on our behalf in two factories in PRC.

The working conditions and requirements regarding the environment are at European/American level in all three companies, as is quality assurance, which we regularly check.

Regular TÜV reports, SGS, QIMA and constant quality inspection are a matter of course.

What I personally don't like is the long transport route.

We have therefore had the goods delivered for 2 years 🚃 via the new Silk Road by train 🚃, which is a little more sustainable than ship transport.

I hope to automate production here and bring it back to Europe in the next few years.

Is the FOXBOXX dishwasher safe?

Yes she is. You should first remove the silicone ring that is inside the lid (on the inner edge) and wash it by hand, as it will mold if it is not completely dry and will age prematurely if the water is too hot (extra program in the dishwasher).

Can you also freeze food in the lunch box or will the metal warp?

From chili con carne to soup we had frozen with it. That worked without any problems.

What size would you recommend for daycare?

Our children love to take the 🦊 FOXBOXX MINI or MINI Special (--> size comparison with snack) , but have more desire for fruit once or twice a week & then prefer the 🦊 LARGE or 🦊 MULTI because it has 3 large compartments.

For KITA , I would only take the 🦊 MULTI for older children, since the SmartClips are a little tighter here than with MINI, Large and XL. This is due to the long clips, which have to hold two "sticks".

--> What fits in here?

--> FOXBOXX dimensions comparison

My recommendation: The 🦊 MINI is usually enough, our little ladies like to have a choice and then take 20% home with them (I then have to eat it up in the evening, like most fathers 👨‍👧

Could stew or soup also be transported leak-proof with the Foxxbox?

Yes, this is leak proof, but only upright! It also works tilted, but without guarantee! But you have to omit the divider, it doesn't separate the dishes tightly. My daughter often takes liquids with her and loves her 🦊 FOXBOXX - just like me ;-)

PS: The seal should be dry to hold well in the lid! It is better not to put the seal in the dishwasher because of condensation!

Can you transport hot food in it? How hot does the box get on the outside if you bring food in from the restaurant, for example?

Since the box does not have a thermos layer inside (like one of the FOXBOXX bottles --> works well for soup! ), it will definitely get hot if you fill it with hot food. A solution could be a towel to keep warm better...?

Do the separators of the Mini fit for Multi?

The separators of the FOXBOXX Mini do NOT fit into the double MULTI 1550ml. (too high) This is because the separators are too high due to the plug-in system. There is a separate lower height divider available as a spare. Here is the divider for the multi -->

Is the bottle carbonated?

The FOXBOXX bottles are actually suitable for carbon dioxide.
The most important criterion is the nature of the material.
We use stainless steel without a coating on the inside (pure 18/8 stainless steel).
In the case of competing products with a coating, the carbonic acid can attack and damage them.

The screw cap has an extra flat screw connection for a secure hold,
however, we have no real pressure equalization, as is the case with sports bottles! Please keep that in mind!

For this reason, it may happen that the pressure escapes at once when you shake it a lot etc. when you open it.
We use the bottles ourselves for sports, school and work and have only had positive feedback,
also with carbonic acid (my daughter always takes raspberry spritzer to school, has had no problems for a year!)
We also have the copper coating on the outside of the inner bottle,
does not come into contact with the liquid either!

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